A city on a platform above an ocean of dark water, where children aren’t born—they crawl out of tunnels in the ground. A lone city, where for ten thousand years humanity has been trapped amidst the awfulness of itself. The Pale City is the story of Vasek, a mercenary hired to find the last, most powerful artifact of a sorcerer who disappeared lifetimes ago. But the search pits him against powerful people in hidden places, towards a secret buried somewhere in terrible darkness.

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An Unconventional, Character-Driven Story:
Written and designed by novelist Kyle Muntz, The Pale City tells the tale of one man’s struggle against a merciless world and the emptiness inside himself.

A Sense of Place:
Explore a city of cannibalistic cults, cruel magic, vicious intrigue, and apathetic gods.

An Attention to Detail:
Every NPC has a unique personality. Every object shows something important about the world.

The Price of Survival:
Tense, unforgiving combat that rewards close observation and careful use of skills, where a single mistake can mean defeat.

No Grinding:
Every battle is unique and necessary.

A Solitary Journey:
Can you survive, alone and outnumbered, when even your friends seek to destroy you?

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—A World Worth Exploring—

Every screen is full of vivid descriptive text. No room is an empty room.

Search carefully to learn more about Vasek’s thoughts, feelings, and even earn extra experience!

A dark, ambient soundtrack, emphasizing the unique mood of each place.

Hidden secrets, including an ultra-powerful secret boss!

—An Inescapable Suffering—

The world of The Pale City is full of death, pain, cruelty, and moral ambiguity, but very little choice.

As Vasek explores, he murders, steals, and harms others as often as he helps them. When he does good it’s often by accident.

In a story that refuses to let you be the hero, can you accept responsibility for your actions?

—Meaningful, Challenging Combat—

Battles are a natural, relevant part of the story, and you’ll almost never face the same group twice!

Fights are vicious, with an emphasis on critical hits and bleeding; but healing is difficult, and every turn brings death one step closer.

Human opponents have the same stats as you, and use the same skills. But often there are many of them, and only one of you!

Vasek will have to use all his skills to survive. Even guarding is important and useful!

Master the “guard break” and “stance” systems, which give drastic advantages in the right situation—and certain death to the careless.

—There is Never Enough—

In the world of The Pale City, everyone is struggling to stay alive—including Vasek.

Throughout the game, Vasek has an extremely limited supply of money, and supplies are expensive.

Will you buy that new piece of armor if it means going without healing items?

—Content Warning—

The Pale City contains strong language and sexually explicit references, in addition to unflinching depictions of violence, cruelty, and the grotesque.