Home: A Quarantine Story

Alli Howard is a young professional visiting her estranged family—after accidentally infecting them with COVID-19. Now, trapped at home in the midst of a pandemic, with her grandmother close to death, accusations and old tensions rise to the surface. Explore her family home, get to know her family members, and, if you’re lucky, attempt to survive the only thing more dangerous than the virus: her mother.

The second game by novelist Kyle Muntz, Home: A Quarantine Story infuses the richly imagined narrative of a novel with the environmental exploration of an adventure game. Can you bear the guilt of infecting your own grandmother with COVID-19?


A complex cast of characters that capture everything you love (and hate) about family.

Carefully designed environments that feel real, lived in, and full of personality.

Vivid text descriptions of everyday objects and the memories they evoke, written in a style reminiscent of literary fiction.

A delicately textured atmosphere that mirrors the shifting moods of the characters.

Approximately three hours of narrative, with no combat or puzzles.