Hi everyone, welcome to this guide to The Pale City. The current version includes a list of sidequests and missable items, as well as a breif walkthrough. Eventually, I also plan to add a list of tips, as well as strategies for a few of the game’s more difficult battles.

Thanks a lot to anyone who has played the game! I’d be very eager to hear from you with any comments, questions, or suggestions—including anything you’d like to see covered here.

Side Quests and Missable Items:

This is SPOILER FREE list of side quests for players who’d like to make sure they experience everything the game has to offer. Also, a partial list of the more important/useful items not associated with quests.

The Sunken Stronghold:

1: After fighting the Nihiloghast, walk right on the platform towards where it was standing and you’ll be prompted to “walk into the darkness”, where you’ll find a thunder scroll.

The Sink (first visit)

Visit each of these areas for an optional sidequests. Also, some (hopefully) interesting conversations and lore.

1: The Chain House.

2: Zosia’s House.

3: The well beside the lake in the Sink.

4: The playwright standing by the stage in the arena.

5: The arena for optional battles (after fighting the two warriors with Ognjen). Some of these are quite hard, so there’s no shame in coming back later.

6: Voragar in the House of Life (after completing the Tree Museum).

Missable Gear and Items:

1: Stash in a hidden room on the second floor of the Enclave.

2: Armor on a corpse in the residential district of the Sink, above the lake. (This can really help to get through some of the more difficult fights in the first act.)

The Academy:

1: Visit the library to find the Burning Stone behind a wall on the first floor—a portal stone that opens a gate to a hidden area and secret boss. Touch any segment of the wall and you’ll be prompted to enter; check in the desk for the item. Look at the item’s description and it will prompt you to visit the tree in the abyss beneath the Sink.

2: After speaking to Svorad in the laboratory, talk to him again for a sequence of optional battles. The last one is extremely difficult, so it may be better to wait and come back later when you’re stronger. As a reward, you’ll get an ultimate fire scroll—the only one in the game.

3: Midway through the Academy, Dusan will prompt you to visit Jarousek’s room—the middle room in the hallway, beneath yours. He’ll sell you an item for magic defense, which is probably worth it though it’s quite expensive. Afterwards, if you speak to him again, he’ll give you keys to many of the locked rooms in the hall. Explore these to cover some of the cost of the item.

4: After being prompted by Dusan, visit Jadrana—her room is opposite Yasen’s, beneath the lecture hall. The first visit is only a conversation, but if you return after killing Yasen, and again after the statue garden, she’ll pay you and give you a healing scroll.

5: All NPC dialog in the Academy resets after the battle in the statue garden, so there’s interested in a bit more flavor text may want to explore.

Return to the Sink:

After completing the battles in the Machine (which resets all npc dialog in the Sink), a series of optional scenes/conversations opens up. These include many of my favorite moments of the game. To find them all, return to:

1: Melchior’s tower

2: The House of Life

3: The Memory Garden in the Tree Museum (where you’ll receive an ultimate healing scroll)

4: The hidden room on the second floor of the Enclave

5: The Chain House (if you completed the quest).

6: The Machine, all the way at the end, where you fought the last battle.

7: Most importantly, if you found the hidden item in the library, there’s a hidden sequence and secret boss if you visit the tree in the “Underground Warehouse”, beneath the Sink lake.

After the abyss, you’ll be directed to Vasek’s house. This is by far the most difficult sequence in the game, so I would suggest going only when you’re as strong as you will ever be.

Boss Strategies (to be updated soon)

The Nyarlathotep (in the statue garden): I’m adding this first, as many players have found it to be one of the most challenging fights in the game. Possibly the easiest strategy is to select defensive stance in the menu before battle, or on the first turn. Parry your first two moves, use wound to cause serious bleeding, and guard for the rest of the battle while the Nyarlathotep bleeds out. (In case you haven’t discovered it, guard actually recovers your hp each turn.) All throughout the fight, it can be useful to alternate cripple arm to minimize the melee damage. I would also save any life life essences for after the Nyarlothep uses acid–this will keep you at high hp late in the fight when you’re in the most danger.

Main Story Walkthrough

The following contains EXTREME SPOILERS. I would suggest using it only as a guide for when you get lost.

The Sink:

1: I would strongly suggest that, after completing the first dungeon, players do their best to explore the Sink. For help on this, check the side quests section—though there’s a lot of lore, items, and flavor quests you can only find just by wandering around and looking at things.

2: Go to the arena and speak to Ognjen.

3: Return to the Shrouded Man. He’ll direct you to the Tree Museum (the large, previously blocked building on the left side of the marketplace).

4: After completing the Tree Nuseum, return to the Shrouded Man. He’ll suggest that you meet at one of the houses in the residential district, north of the lake. (It’s the last house on the right, previously locked.)

5: At this point, a side-quest opens up in the House of Life.

6: Visit the golem house.

7: Speak to Ognjen in the Enclave; speak to Kleist in the marketplace (slightly north of the House of Life).

The Eaves:

1: Arrive at the Academy; talk to Zvesden in the lecture hall.
2: Meet Zvesden in your room; go to Vasek’s house; get the entrance stone for Melchior’s tower.
3: Go to the tower and talk to Melchior.
4: Return to Dusan (opens up the optional library and laboratory area).
5: Confront Yasen.
6: Kleist will approach you in the entrance hall, then ask you to meet him in the Pools, at the same place he left you originally. This starts a long sequence of events that finishes your time at the Academy. (Also, npc dialogue there is now reset as they react to your actions.)
7: With your new team member, return to Melchior’s tower.

Return to the Sink:
8: Meet Kleist (and your party member) in the Sink marketplace, in the area right above the House of Life.
9: Go to the previously locked district of the Sink, finish the sequence of events there; NPC dialogue in the Sink resets.
10: This opens an endgame sequence. I would encourage players to wander the city and see how Vasek’s actions have affected. For specific, important things, please check the side quest guide.

The Pit:
12: After this, head to The Pit (though make sure you’ve spent all your money before you get there). There’s still a few hours of story left, but it’s a straight shot to the end.