First Review of the Pale City! (and other coverage)

It’s been an amazing few days for The Pale City. Maybe most excitingly, the first review of The Pale City from a Steam Curator is in!

Also, a few websites have been amazingly kind and published posts about the game’s release on March 20th. The first is RPGamer, which is extremely exciting because I’ve read reviews there for years to track down a bunch of obscure RPGS–I’m hoping now people can do the same with mine. Same for Turn Based Tactics, another great site dedicated to Role Playing Games; and also huge thanks to Steven Long at Ghetto Gamer.

It’s been a grueling few weeks trying to run a “PR Campaign” for The Pale City. (Calling it that makes it sound like something more impressive than it actually is, since it’s just me sitting in a cafe with too much coffee and writing emails all day, haha) It’s been quite difficult, which makes me especially grateful for all the people out there using their platforms to help isolated devs. Same for Kumada at, who reached out to help test and finalize this version for reviewers.

Thanks to anyone who has been following along so far! Only five weeks left now and the Pale City is headed for Steam.

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