The Pale City on Steam Today!

Seven years ago, I started working on The Pale City–and today, it’s finally on Steam! It feels strange and surreal to actually have this out in the world, since the weight of finishing it has hung over me for what feels like most of my adult life.

The game will be on sale for 6$ (25% off) all week. There’s also a new trailer, courtesy of my amazing girlfriend and her vastly superior editing skills. I feel lucky that early responses have been quite positive, including the first Steam review. There have been two full-length reviews so far–one at Bago Games, which focuses mainly on the writing, and another at Lovecraft Video Games.

Steam is a funny platform because you have to physically press a button to release your game. Yesterday I stayed up to hit it exactly at midnight. I was 22 year the I began this game; in a few months, I’ll be turning 30. There’s a lot of support, updates, and polishing left to do, but it really did feel momentous to hit button and feel one chapter of life end as another began.

My sincere gratitude to anyone to anyone who gives it a try! And please do write to me if you’ve got any comments, questions, or need help, as I’ll be providing full support for players through the game’s discussion forum on Steam.

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