New Game Coming Soon! (And it’s Free This Time)

Hi everyone,

I haven’t gone out much this year, but instead I’ve been obsessively working on a new game, “Home: A Quarantine Story,” which will be on Steam and RMN on September 25th—for free! It’s the story of a young woman who, visiting her family for the first time in four years, accidentally infects them with COVID-19—and then finds herself trapped there.

Like To the Moon or Gone Home, the game has no combat or puzzles. Instead, the player explores her family home, gets to know her family members, and watches old tensions unfold.

I haven’t written much fiction over the last few years because I’ve become so obsessed with making games, so I’ve sort of considered this new project (which is much shorter than The Pale City, probably about 3 hours) a test of whether I would keep going or switch back to focusing on fiction.

Anyway, here is the game’s page on Steam, which has more information and a trailer:

The game is due out on September 25, but it’s completely ready now, so I’d be happy to send out review copies to anyone who was interested. Feel free to contact me and I’ll get a copy your way.

Stay safe out there!


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